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Stone Ground Mills, Inc. is a manufacturer of the finest whole grain foods available. Our company makes a variety of cereal products and pancake mixes, including our delicious Hot Apple Granola and Untoasted Wheat Germ. Every product we make is packed with fiber and nutrients to help sustain energy throughout the day.

Stone Ground Mills, Inc. began as Stone-Buhr back in the 1930s. Our original 7 Grain Cereal is still part of our lineup – a customer favorite since our company’s origins. The Stone Ground Mills name was established in 1995, and we’re committed to carrying on the excellence, variety, and wholesome goodness our cereals have had since the beginning – only the name has changed, not the quality. Our flavorful whole grain cereals have been a staple among health-conscious consumers for many years, and our pancake mixes are a hit with people of any age.

We use top-quality whole grains in our range of cereal products, including:

  • Steel-cut oats
  • Whole wheat
  • Barley
  • Buckwheat
  • Rye

Try our scrumptious 4 Grain Cereal Mates, which is a blend of cracked grains and quick-cooking oats for a warm, tasty breakfast that will stick with you. Or, give our popular Buckwheat Pancake Mix a try; this mix is superior to mixes made from white flour, resulting in light, fluffy pancakes everyone will love. Our Flax Seeds are packed with beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids and can be sprinkled on foods to add dietary fiber and a nutty crunch that people rave about. (Insert links to product pages throughout this paragraph)

These delicious, nutritious whole grains give our cereal products a hearty flavor and texture – you’ll come back again and again for more. Additional ingredients like raisins, spices, and apple bits add even more flavor to the cereals, making them an ideal breakfast choice for people with busy lifestyles. Our cereals are:

  • Low or non-fat
  • No cholesterol
  • High in dietary fiber
  • No sugar
  • High in important minerals like calcium and iron

Our delicious pancake mixes and hot cereal products are great for customers watching their caloric intake and are designed to release energy throughout the day with no blood sugar spikes. And, satisfying whole grains and dietary fiber promote a healthy digestive system, helping you feel full for hours.

Visit our online store to purchase our range of products by the package or by the case. Our ordering system makes it easy to have our delicious cereal products delivered right to your door. Stone Ground Mills is proud to offer bulk-purchasing discounts for multiple case purchases. Our company is committed to providing the most healthful whole-grain breakfast foods available.


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